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TOPIC: estateagent content element

estateagent content element 10 years 2 months ago #256

  • nuri
  • nuri's Avatar
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hi i am just trying a create new contentelement for estate agent improved
<content_table required="1">
  		<table name="table"			required="1">estateagent</table>
  		<field name="label" 		type="text"			required="1">estateagent</field>
  		<field name="id" 			type="fieldname"	required="1">id</field>
		<field name="obj_id" 		type="fieldname"	required="1">obj_id</field>
  		<field name="title" 		type="fieldname"	required="1">title</field>
  		<field name="title_alias"	type="fieldname"	required="0">alias</field>
  		<field name="sectionid" 	type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="catid" 		type="fieldname"	required="0">cat</field>
  		<field name="created" 		type="fieldname"	required="0">date</field>
  		<field name="description" 	type="fieldname"	required="1">description</field>
		<!--<field name="description" 	type="fieldname"	required="1">url</field>-->
  		<!--<field name="fulltext"  type="fieldname"	required="0">description</field>-->
  		<field name="state" 		type="fieldname"	required="1">published</field>
  		<field name="access" 		type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="publish_up" 	type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="publish_down" 	type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<!-- if images is set, images_dir is required -->
  		<field name="images" 		type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="images_dir" 	type="text" 		required="0"></field>
  		<field name="ordering" 		type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<!--  following pars are ues to put together the url to open the detail view
  		of the content item
  		e.g. option=com_content&task=view&id=<replaced with id>
  		Joomla 1.5 supports the view model, so it is avisable tu use 'href_view' instead of href_task
  		slug links generates links as id:title-alias
  		<field name="href_option" 	type="text" 		required="1">com_estateagent</field>
  		<field name="href_task" 	type="text" 		required="0"></field>
  		<field name="href_view" 	type="text" 		required="1">estateagent</field>
  		<field name="href_id" 		type="text" 		required="1">id</field>
        <field name="slug_links" 	type="text" 		required="0">1</field>
  		<field name="href_catid"	type="text" 		required="0">catid</field>
	<!--  required fields of category table , are required only if category table exists -->
	<category required="0">
  		<table name="table"					required="1">estateagent_categories</table>
  		<field name="cat_table_id"			type="fieldname"	required="1">id</field>
  		<field name="cat_table_title"		type="fieldname"	required="1">name</field>
  		<field name="cat_table_alias"		type="fieldname"	required="0">alias</field>
  		<field name="cat_table_published"	type="fieldname"	required="0">published</field>
  		<field name="cat_table_ordering"	type="fieldname"	required="0">ordering</field>  	
  		<!-- Link to a section table. It can be a combination of a table and a field,
  		 or a string to filter the category id with -->
  		<field name="cat_parent_section_table"	type="table"		required="0"></field>
  		<field name="cat_parent_section_field"	type="fieldname"	required="0">section</field>
  		<field name="cat_section_filter"		type="text"	required="0">com_estateagent</field>
	<!--  required fields of section table , are required only if section table exists -->
	<section required="0">
 		<table name="table"					required="1"></table>
  		<field name="sec_table_id"			type="fieldname"	required="1"></field>
  		<field name="sec_table_title"		type="fieldname"	required="1"></field>
  		<field name="sec_table_alias"		type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="sec_table_published"	type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>
  		<field name="sec_table_ordering"	type="fieldname"	required="0"></field>

i can select properties and i can add tags to each property but in page i have that error
Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/xxxxxxx/public_html/administrator/components/com_customproperties/views/assign/view.html.php on line 169
and cant show on page!!

so i do some mistakes but where :) ??
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Re: estateagent content element 10 years 2 months ago #257

  • andrea_4g
  • andrea_4g's Avatar
  • Administrator
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The content element you wrote looks good. I guess the problem could be possibly caused by a wrong field name that causes the SQL query to fail.

That's how we troubleshoot new content element connectors:
1) have CP print the query: uncomment line 900 in components/com_customproperties/models/search.php (yes, it's that strange line...)
2) run a CP search
3) grab the SQL statement from the screen, replace #_ with jos, and run it on a local copy of the Joomla DB; at this point we usually get an error that tells us what we did wrong and what to change.
4) make modification and reinstall the content element
5) repeat until it works
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