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Product Finder

Guide your visitors to their articles.

Product Finder for Joomla Product Finder is a questionnaire-based scoring and filtering system for Joomla.

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Dropdown Articles

So many articles, so little space.

Dropdown Articles for Joomla List all artcles in a dropdown box. A clean and simple module that does just that. Available for all versions of Joomla.


Custom Developed Extension

I want it my way.

Your Own Joomla Extension

Our extensions fit your needs but you would like something to be done your way? You need that extra functionality? The extension you are so used to is no longer supported and you just found a bug that have to be fixed? Or you just had a brilliant idea for a brand new Joomla extension that's perfectly suited for your site ?

Contact us with confidence no matter if your project requires one hour one day or one year of work. We can offer a full range of options from hourly on-demand services, to partnerships.


Custom Properties

Multi Content Tagging & Advanced Search for Joomla.

cp20_j16_box Custom Properties is a Joomla! Extension for creating and assigning custom properties to articles and other content items.

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Com Audio

Music Library Showcase for Joomla.

Com Audio For Joomla

Com Audio has been developed to manage a production music library. The extension is comprised of component, modules and plugins to display and let your music be evaluated in the most flexible ways.

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