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Comic Book Shop Software

Software gestione fumetteria

Simple, fast, reliable. That's what we had in mind while developing COMX, the multi platform, web-based software for the comic books shop management.


We aimed at the maximum simplification of the package, focusing on the important and most recurring tasks of the daily operations. Training new - even temporary - sales staff takes little time and effort: being web-based the program is used with a browser.


Comx makes extensive use of autocomplete search fields that filter out result while typing in the search criteria. The speed and efficiency of the search functions greatly concur to lower the waiting time of the clients being served while making the staff work easier.


Great emphasis has been put in the optimization of the user interface. The application has been optimized for a 1024 x 768 screen resolution, because the usually limited and cramped space on the sale desk prevents using wide screens. Big size fonts makes reading the screen at a distance an easier task. The location of buttons is consistent across all functions. The number of clicks required to complete a process has been limited to the bare minimum. It's possible to move from one function to the other (sales, items archive, booking, ...) without transiting to the home page. The programme supports the use of barcodes scanners.


Comx makes use of a transactional database that grants the reliability of data writings. Furthermore, at regular intervals, snapshots of the DB are taken to allow the "travel back in time" in case of human mistakes. We believe tt's paramount not to lose or mix up data, especially clients' ones.

Multi platform

Comx runs indifferently on Windows, Linux or Mac. It can be installed on a single PC or on a server with multiple workstations. Being web based makes Comx suitable for use by geographically dispersed users via the internet.


Comx is built with PHP on top the widespread CakePHP: internationalization, multi database support, robust Model-Viewer-Controller (MVC) architecture, extensibility, standardization and diffusion of the framework are some of the benefits.


Comx does not require the use of additional proprietary software neither on the server nor on the counter workstations: there are no hidden costs. Hardware requirements are very limited for both server and workstations.

Built from experience

During the analysis phase we spent a considerable amount of time observing the daily activities and listening to those who are managing a big comic bookstore on a daily basis for years, in order to isolate the most relevant features from the lesser important ones and build a truly efficient and effective software.


The use of standard and widespread software makes the integration with third party solutions easier, be it for data analysis purposes or to feed an e-commerce portal.


Our skilled development team is at full disposal to evaluate and implement new features to answer requests specific to your company.

Main feature

  • Archives: typologies, authors, publishers, genres, locations
  • Articles management: creation, duplication, creation of following item,  booking to one or many
  • Client boxes management
  • Booking management:  recurrent, back issues, occasionals, advance payments, gift certificates, coupons
  • Arrivals management: articles loading, distribution lists, barcode label print
  • Sales management: quick bill, bill from customer box, not in archive articles, discount in percentage and value, invoices, pause and resume of the bill from the same or a different workstation
  • Currently available in Italian and English language. Other languages on demand.


For more info about Comx features, expandability integration with your bookstore and for sales information, please contact us.


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