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Changelog CP20 J16-17-25

Custom Properties for Joomla 1.6 - 1.7 - 2.5 Changelog



* -> Security Fix
# -> Bug Fix
$ -> Language fix or change
+ -> Addition
^ -> Change
- -> Removed
! -> Note

-------------------- 2.3.7 2013-04-28 ----------------
!modified backend
# fixed "strict standard" notice in tagging controller
# fixed bug in stripImages function that happens when 'last' image is chosen
-------------------- 2.3.6 2013-12-03 ----------------
! modified backend, mod_cpmenu
+ added active class to parent li element in mod cp_menu
+ added support for custom access levels
+ added column sorting in Assign Custom Properties page
+ added 'created' column to Assign Custom Properties page
-------------------- 2.3.5 2013-05-17 ----------------
! modified mod_cpsearch
$ added translations for categories selector in mod_cpsearch
-------------------- 2.3.4 2013-04-30 ----------------
!modified component, mod_cpcloud, mod_cpmenu, mod_cpsearch, content plugin, search plugin, editor-xtd plugin
+ added Custom Properties News Show module
# fixes bug Notice: Undefined offset: 1 components/com_customproperties/helper.php on line 434
# modified access to static variables when loading CpParams (strict standards)
# fixed strict standards in search.php
# fixed strict standard in mod_cpcloud
# fixed strict standard in mod_menu
# CP fields without correct permissions now displays 'Unknown' state
# fixed url escape function used when linking external images
# moved cpconfig class to it's directory
# helper totally refactored
# moved image resisizing function to helper
# imagestrips now uses array
^ trapped and displayed error on cpfield save
-------------------- 2.3.3 2012-11-18 ----------------
!modified component
# fixes error "Error: models/search.php on line 1191", when search scope is restricted to more categories
-------------------- 2.3.2 2012-10-29 ----------------
!modified component
# Search result access param doesn't show the correct value
-------------------- 2.3.1 2012-10-22 ----------------
!modified componet, mod_cpsearch
+ category selector to mod_cpsearch
# fixed XHTML validation error with checkbox toggler
^ modified cpsearch and frontend CSS
-------------------- 2.3 2012-10-05 ----------------
! modified component, admin, mod_cpsearch, cptags plugin button, cptags content plugin , cptags search plugin
+ frontend tagging can be enabled to any Joomla user groups
+ select fields whose selection is other than default, are given a dedicated CSS class (as to highlight a selection has been made)
+ added picker interface to fields in tagging and assign views
^ overhaul of assign and tagging views
^ overhaul of component parameters handling
$ modified languages
# fixed bug in getTagByName function, when falang is installed
# cp search-plugins not returning results whenfalang is installed
# fixed bug in autocomplete fields when SEF is active
# fixed bug in Autocompleter js code, when autosubmit is active
-------------------- 2.2.3 2012-05-14 (UNRELASED)-----
!modified mod_cpsearch, cptags plugin button, cptags content plugin
+ made empty option text configurable, in mod_cpsearch
+ added compatibility with flexicontent for plugin button
+ added template override support to mod_cpsearch
+ added native support for K2 images
^ modified assign and tagging view: added Picker interface to CP fields
^ moved 'chosen' libraries from mod_cpsearch to component
# fixed XHTML validation problem in mod_cpsearch
# fixed layout of results when in single column mode
# added support for menu item page class
# fixed bug in Cptags content plugin (problem when in custom mode)
$ modified languages
$ added Japanese Language (thanks to Norito H.Yoshida)
$ fixed German admin language
-------------------- 2.2.2 2012-04-29 ----------------
!modified component language
$ fixed language admin language
-------------------- 2.2.1 2012-04-26 ----------------
!modified mod_cpsearch
# fixed wrong css class assigned to checkbox container
-------------------- 2.2 2012-04-22 ----------------
!modified component, mod_cpsearch, mod_cpcloud, mod_cpmenu, modified plugins
+ added Falang compatibility
# "default" in select field type works on for the first value
+ <audio> and <video> html5 tags are removed from Html Intro, if not explicitly allowed
+ {tag} {/tag} "mos" tags are properly removed from Plain Text views
# fixed problem with improperly truncated utf8 strings
+ added layout selection in cp_search module
+ added layout selection in cp_cloud module
+ added layout selection in cp_menu module
+ added layout change support to component
$ updated languages
-------------------- 2.1.1 2012-04-10 ----------------
!modified component, mod_cpsearch
^ improved error reporting for thumbs generation of remote images
# in Manage Custom Properties Cp fields are wrongly displaied as 'Registered' even though they're set to Public.
+ added 'or_multiselect' field type
+ added 'or_multiselect' with Picker
+ added 'and_multiselect' field type
+ added 'and_multiselect' with Picker
# added a few statements in admin.css for consistency
+ added query type selector for text search (all, any, exact phrase)
# fixed bug that made truncation of plain text irresponsive to configuration changes
+ added 'Unset Article' button in module configuration to unset the article associated with a cp_search module
-------------------- 2.1 2012-02-20 ------------------
!modified component, cptags plugin, cpsearch module
+ added compatibility with Joomla 2.5
+ added support for JSON type fields in content elements
+ added new search by date mode: only the created date is searched
^ modified contentelement init
^ modified eventlist CE, added images support
^ CPtags content plugin, small optimization to avoid unnecessary cleanup operation
$ modified en-GB admin language
$ added nl-NL (Dutch) language for site
^ improved speed of loadCPConfig
# fixed bug in backend's assign CP function that prevented tagging when only a third party CE was installed
-------------------- 2.0.8 2012-01-28 ------------------
!modified component, cptags plugin, mod_cpcloud, mod_cpmenu
^ optimized query building - skipping empty or otherwise values
^ optimization: skipped a query for pagination when there's no results
$ added Hebrew language (frontend, and mod_cpsearch)
$ added French language (frontend, and mod_cpsearch)
# re-fixed elusive bug with ContentHelper loading - hopefully for good
+ Content Elements now support configurable content states : Published, Non Published, Archived
^ modified content CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
^ modified contact CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
^ modified contact_enhanced CE , added state_values and cat_table_state_values
^ modified eventlist CE , added state_values
+ added weblinks CE
+ added K2 CE
+ added 'grouped tags' feature
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to component
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to mod_cpcloud
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to mod_cpmenu
+ added selectable "nofollow" attribute to cptags plugin
-------------------- 2.0.7 2011-12-21 ------------------
!modified component
# fixed bug that prevents adding values to newly created fields
-------------------- 2.0.6 2011-12-19 ------------------
!modified component, mod_cpsearch
^ modified logic of 'default' values: more values can be default at the same time
+ optional 'select all' for checkbox fields in mod_cpsearch
# fixed bug in mod_cpsearch that prevented checkbox labels to be positioned on the right side when layout is set to tables
-------------------- 2.0.5 2011-12-13 ------------------
!modified component
# fixing a bug introduced in version 2.0.4 with ContentHelper
-------------------- 2.0.4 2011-12-08 ------------------
!modified cpcloud module, component, plugin button
# fixed a bug in cpcloud module that causes wrong totals with more than one content elements
# fixed: when search by tag group is performed, page title is now set to tag group *label* (instead of name)
- removed import of helpers.route from view.html (superfluous)
+ added limit parameter to cpcloud module
+ added sorting parameter to cpcloud module
# fixed bug in plugin button, when frontend access level is set to super administrator
# fixed wrong value for "Special" access level
-------------------- 2.0.3 2011-11-15 ------------------
! modified component, cpsearch module, cptags content plugin
# removed "notice" error from cptags content plugin when custom position is selected
+ added customproperties-type plugin support
+ added a 4th row in component header
+ added "delete selected" tags function, in Assign Custom Properties
^ moved getTagNameById and similar utility functions to helper.php
^ fixed double quote excessive escaping (too many slashes) in component header and in mod cp_search
$ adapted language files to modifications above
# fixed thumbnail aspect when source img is smaller than destination thumbnail
# fixed: in backend Assign Custom Properties, filter by tag doesn't work when 'display #' is set to 'all'
# fixed: highlighting of searched text can break HTML rendering
-------------------- 2.0.2 2011-10-10 ------------------
# modified default values for content images directories
# fixed: a content element without parent_it field triggers a "notice"
^ modified allowed chars in value labels: comma is accepted, ampersands no more
^ modified plugin button to accept a wider assortment of 'id' variables
+ docman content element
+ contact content element
$ added italian backend language
+ jDownloads content element
+ Contact Enhanced content element
# proper management of checkbox field default (includes modifications in mod_cpsearch and component)
# fixed: thumbnail no longer have "stripes" when source img is smaller than destination thumbnail
# fixed: Assign Custom Properties don't work when 'contact' CE is not active
-------------------- 2.0.1 2011-09-09 ------------------
# implemented a workaround in cptags content plugin to overcome inconsistency in J17
+ phoca gallery category content element
+ phoca gallery image content element
+ eventlist (1.0.2b5) content element
^ modified component installer to allow upgrades from J15
^ component installer now makes a backup of existing CSS files
^ package installer now makes a backup of existing CSS files
+ this CHANGELOG file