Version 0.98.1

Bug fix release

Component 0.98.1

- fixed 'Notice' and 'Warning' errors caused by uninizialized indexes or 'pass by reference' deprecated functions.

Version 0.98

This version brings new features to CP: extend usage to  other contentelements,much improved frontend tagging, preview images insearch results. It also fixes several bugs/limitations.

Component 0.98

- changed DB structure for _custom_properties and custom_properties_fields tables
- search results now honor the “publish from” and “publish up to”
- fixed search page title
- image preview in search results
- selectable elements in search preface (matching records, sorting options, ...)
- show full introtext in HTML format
- don't search unauthorized articles
- search article title with text search
- backend: more clear info of which articles have tags assigned
- backend: filter article by name
- backend: changed layout for cp fields in Assign page
- backend: reorganized config page
- fixed bug with category/section names not being translated in search results
- tag name as page title when searching by tag
- greatly improved frontend tagging with javascript overlay window
- new field type : text
- configurable result page Itemid
- fixed “tag in meta” feature
- search static articles
- search archived articles
- fixed a bug that returned wrong results when searches where performed with checkbox type fields
- added utilities menu
- added third party content elements support
- fixed core SEF compatibility
- added sh404SEF support
- removed “sort by rating” feature
- added new languages
- added “priority” to field values 

mod_cpsearch 0.98

- fixed SEF compatibility
- selectable layout type (table div)
- removed frontend tagging from module

mod_cpcloud 0.98

- fixed core SEF compatibility
- sh404 compatibility
- force Itemid of tags

bot_cptags 0.98
- added frontend tagging
- fixed minor formatting issues

Version 0.97.1

This version is mainly a clean-up of the code for improved compatibility. We fixed a few minor bugs.
We would like to thank Rob de Cleen @ JoomlaWebServer for his precious contributionto this release.

component 0.97.1

- added Dutch language
- fixed a bug that prevented from show only the title
- fixed a bugaboutthe length of the text excerpt
- replaced short PHP tags

mod_cpsearch 0.97.1

- replaced short PHP tags
- added parameter for module class suffix

mod_cpcloud 0.97.1

- fixed xml manifest : not worth upgrading to this version

bod_cptags 0.97.1

- little code cleaning

Version 0.97

This version fixes a few bugs and implements nice ideas suggested by users: frontend editing, drill-down results summary, multiple search module.

Component (com_customproperties 0.97):
- fixed bug in back-end : “if you are assigning articles in section 1, cat.1 and you are on page 3 and switch to next cat in the same section listing stays on page 3 does not go back to page 1”
- new feature: when listing content items in assignment mode, assigned tags are displayed in an overlib field
- new feature: support for more than one search module
- new feature: each field can be configured to be displayed in all / some / one search module
- new feature: added support for frontend tagging.
- new feature: a result summary can be displayed before actual results. Result summary consists of a list of section and the count of matching item.
- new feature: results can be sorted by section/category

Module (mod_cpsearch 0.97)
- new feature: there can be more CP search modules. Each module can search different sections.
- new feature: frontend tagging. If enabled, users of assigned group, will be able to assign tags from the fronted
- refactoring: due to the possibility of more search modules on same page, some “id”s have been replaced with “class” (id=search, id=searchform, id=text_search), to avoid validation problems.

Plugin (cptags 0.97)
- new feature: tags can be appended to meta keywords.

Ver 0.96.2

Fixed bug 10281 - manifest of com_customproperties for transaltinCPFilter.php

Ver 0.96.1

- forced default parameter initialization in plugin
- fixed a query in component admin
- added arabic language (thanks to  Yasser Kinanah)
- added  'index.html' blank files  in component directory

Ver 0.96

- fixed bug 10165 (accented chars  stripped from label name / values)
- fixed a problem with XHTML validation of cpsearch module
- fixed a problem with XHTXML validation on component results
- added parameter to limit result (feature request 10096)
- added pagination to search results
- solved problem with back button in linked article
- admin : split assign function into replace, add, delete.

Ver 0.95

Initial Release 

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