whenever you install Custom Properties component all relevant fields, tables, joins, translations are lost, forever.

This "gruesome" behaviour is recommended for all components, so that, upon uninstalling, the component is _completely_ removed.


Starting from version 1.98 Custom Properties features a full-package installer that is capable of upgrading previously installed component, DB, modules and plugins at once.

Nevertheless we strongly recommend to perform a complete backup of site and database before attempting any operation. Better safe than sorry, you have been warned.

Joomla Development

From the very first day of activity Solidsystem has adopted Joomla as his CMS of choice. We have successfully built websites and extensions for all releases of Joomla. Beside popular extensions such as Custom Properties and Drop Down Articles, we built from scratch and customized many other extensions.

We helped optimize slow websites by carefully choosing the right components and the best configurations and restored to normality sites that had been compromised by unlawful activities.

For anything Joomla count on us.

Service & Maintenance

We provide maintenance services for Joomla websites: reorganization of site structure, template customization, components evaluation / installation / fine tuning, cleanup & restore after hacking events, general optimization, evaluation of performances.

Custom Development Work

We offer software development customization services. You can have our expertise at your disposal on a pay-as-you-go hourly rate for small tasks or a more convenient daily rate. For bigger jobs we can quote on a per project basis.