This release of Custom Properties introduces new features:

  • It is now possibile to order results so that featured content items are positioned first. This option is available with most content elements (see updated content element connector list here.
    Note: if you are using Custom Properties with one of those extensions and you want to take advantage of the new "featured" ordering, you need to uninstall and re-install the content element connector to enable it.
  • "Page Headings" and "Browser Page Title" are now processed the same way standard Joomla components do: if those parameters are set at menu item level, they override the Custom Properties component default settings.
    Here's the relevant forum post about this subject.
  • Modifications have been done to the routines that handle the creation of images thumbnails to properly manage filenames containing non-latin characters
  • The content element connector for jDownloads 3.2.x has been added.

Some bugs / nuisances have been addressed too:

The full changelog is here