This version of Dropdown Articles has been refactored to conform to the J4 file structure and conventions with the contribution of Peter v.d. Hulst.

It's the first version also compatible with Joomla 5.0 Alpha.

-------------------- 4.1.0 2023-08-30   ------------------
! Refactor by Peter v.d. Hulst:
! This version has the native Joomla 4 structure
! Also compatible with Joomla 5

^ changed files layout and naming to comply with Joomla 4
^ namespace corrected: Joomla\Module\DropdownArticles\Site\Helper\DropdownArticlesHelper --> SolidSystem\Module\DropdownArticles\Site\Helper\DropdownArticlesHelper
- mod_dropdown_articles.php removed --> code now in Dispatcher.php
^ reworked the xml manifest file: changed classes, added conditional display, changed categories to use picker  
+ Installation script install_mod_drop_down_articles_script.php to remove unused files from old version
^ strings in frontend now user Text and language string files
+ added proper language files (en-GB, nl-NL, it-IT)
+ added 'count' parameter to limit the number of articles to show
^ case insensitive for "off" in default.php
# fixed bug in sorting by newest / oldest