Description Product Finder
Product Finder
Create and edit questionnaires, questions, answers, rules yes yes
Joomla articles connector yes yes
Falang compatibility, for multi-language site yes yes
Mobile-ready (user interface built with jQuery Mobile) yes yes
Compatible with Gantry framework yes yes
Send results by email, with configurable form  no yes
Customizable mail templates no yes
Email logger to record sender, recipient, email addresses, selections and results no yes
Export log to CVS no yes
K2 Items connector 1 no yes
Hikashop products connector 2 no yes
Price Free € 59.00
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1. K2 connector details
K2 version: 2.6.7
Results ordering: title, alias, order, newest, oldest, hits
Show item category: yes
Show item image thumbnail: yes [article image, k2 images]
2. Hikashop connector details
Hikashop version: 2.2.3 starter
Results ordering: suggested retail price, price, newest, oldest, title, hits
Show product category: yes
Show product image thumbnail: yes
Extra field: MSRP (Suggested Retail Price), Price (currency gathered from hikashop environment)