Making the package Search Engine Friendly has been one of the most time-consuming and frustrating job of the 1.98 release. Many things have to be considered: internationalization, third party components, native sef. This is the current situation:

The component can write tags in two ways:

  • tagID=number. The traditional way. Non very SEF, but very resilient to internationalization issues. 
  • tagName=field_name:field_value .The new way. Improve SE friendliness, together with the enclosed router and sh404plugin generates SEF urls.

Module cpsearch does not generate SEF urls, and never will. There is no point in making the query generated by a search engine SEF, if at all possible.

Module cpcloud does write SEF urls.

As said above, the component features a core-sef router and a sh404SEF plugin. There are small issues with bot:

  • sh404SEF does not generate working pagination links under CP results. We gave up trying to fix this problem . We hope on some improvements from sh404 developers on this matter.
  • core sef works fine in every condition but it appears to have glitches when Itemid is in the url.

The current version of CP has been tested with JoomFish ver 2.0.1  and sh404SEF ver.1.0.19_Beta.

We do not have an easy recipe to fix every problem. You need to experiment and find the best solution for your site.