- definitely fixed a bug that prevented new articles to be retrieved when timezone of Joomla and timezone of DB server were different.
- added support for Joomla search plugin
- added weblinks content element connector
- added Phoca Gallery Category  content element


- fixed the timezones bug (see above)


- first release of the search CP tags plugin


 mod_cpcloud 1.98.3

- fixed a bug the caused a wrong number of tags to be returned

Version 1.98.3

Component 1.98.3

- fixed bug that prevented recently created article from being retrieved by search engine
- added Serbian, Macedonian and Croatian Language (thanks to Nikola Nikolov)
- added PhocaGallery content element
- added weblinks content element
- fixed several 'Notice' and 'Warning' error messages caused by uninizialized variables and deprecated 'pass by reference' function calls.
- fixed a bug that caused incorrect results to be returned when 2 text fields were present at the same time

Version 1.98.2

Component 1.98.2

- fixed problem with thumbnail creation with linked images and mixed case filenames.
- added parameter 'use itemid'
- cptags div is no longer enclosed when there's no tag to display

mod_cpsearch 1.98.2

- addedd support for 'use itemid' parameter

mod_cpcloud 1.98.2

- addedd support for 'use itemid' parameter

Version 1.98.1

Component 1.98.1

- fixed "Notice" errors
- fixed a bug with thumbnail creation on WAMP servers

Version 1.98

This version brings new features to CP: extend usage to  other contentelements, improved search engine friendliness, much improved frontend tagging, preview images insearch results. It also fixes several bugs/limitations.

Component 1.98

- changed DB structure for _custom_properties and custom_properties_fields tables
- search results now honor the “publish from” and “publish up to”
- fixed search page title
- image preview in search results
- selectable elements in search preface (matching records, sorting options, ...)
- show full introtext in HTML format
- don't search unauthorized articles
- search article title with text search
- backend: more clear info of which articles have tags assigned
- backend: filter article by name
- backend: changed layout for cp fields in Assign page
- backend: reorganized config page
- fixed bug with category/section names not being translated in search results
- tag name as page title when searching by tag
- greatly improved frontend tagging with javascript overlay window
- new field type : text
- configurable result page Itemid
- fixed “tag in meta” feature
- search static articles
- search archived articles
- added utilities menu
- added third party content elements support
- added core SEF compatibility
- added sh404SEF support
- removed “sort by rating” feature
- added new languages
- added “priority” to field values
- added custom stylesheet  

mod_cpsearch 1.98

- fixed SEF compatibility
- selectable layout type (table div)
- almost completely rewritten CSS styling - each field has its own class
- removed frontend tagging from module

mod_cpcloud 1.98

- fixed core SEF compatibility
- sh404 compatibility
- force Itemid of tags
- selectable tag order (random, alpha, none)
- tags threshold

bot_cptags 1.98

- added frontend tagging
- fixed minor formatting issues

cptags editor button  1.98

- adds a button under the editor to edit cp tagswhile in article editing



- no new feature
- fixed short PHP tags problem
- inizialized some internal variables
- fixed bug : module selection not working in field management

plugin cptags 1.90.3

- fixed a bug that disabled other plugins



- fixed bug 11670 : Checkbox fields show only the last value when assigning properties
- fixed bug 11668 : Can't save config file
- corrected some text messages and italian translations
- fixed a bug that effects users with older PHP version: unable do add / remove values in field management. Added a parameter to enable the workaround.
- fixed a bug : with JoomFish , alpha and category sorting does not work
- fixed a bug : search error when switching language

plugin cptags 1.90.2

- tags can be displayed automatically on content items without {cpsearch}


component :

- Fixed a bug: unable do show / edit configuration

module  cp_search 1.90.1

- added parameter moduleclass_sfx
- fixed short PHP tags problem

plugin cptags 1.90.1

- fixed compatibility problem with PHP4


Initial release