Custom Properties for Joomla 1.5 _native_ is ready. It is based on the new MVC Joomla Framework.

The Component and all its accessories (modules, plugins) are now on par and even better than its  Joomla 1.0 counterpart.

The package, comprised of component, two modules and one plugin, has been tested on Windows and Linux machines, and with different browsers. We are quite confident that it will work smoothly. Nevertheless keep in mind that this is still a beta ... you have been warned.

The current version has been tried and testedwith Docman, JoomFish and sh404SEF. The only know issues - as far as we know - are with sh404SE: everything works flalessly but the pagination, though this seems not to be a uncommon.

As always : if you like it spread the word - and donate -, if you don't, mind your own business :)

Get it while it is still hot !