Custom Properties for Joomla 1.5 _native_ is ready. It is based on the new MVC Joomla Framework. It took ages to test it properly - especially against JoomFish 2 beta 2 - but enventually we finished.

We received many request for this component to be ported to Joomla 1.5, and it's been a pleasure to discover that many people liked it . 

The package, comprise of component, module and plugin, has been tested on Windows and Linux machines, and with different browsers. We are quite confident that it will work smoothly. Nevertheless keep in mind that this is still a beta ... you have been warned.

Known issue : if you install on XAMMP 2.4, JoomFish and CustomProperties _together_ cause Apache to crash ( something concerning zend optimizer.dll and recursion ).

UPDATE : the issues with XAMMP is solved with JoomFIsh 2.0rc .

As always : if you like it spread the word, if you don't, mind your own business :)

Get it while it is still hot !